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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Power, n.: The only narcotic regulated by the SEC instead of the FDA.

posted by David 9/25/2002 07:09:00 AM

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Apologies to our Rural Brethren As Kieran Lyons has pointed out, I was somewhat injudicious in my choice of words in yesterdays rant against wife beaters, and he is quite correct that my characterization of "Rednecks" as being those most likely to engage in such behaviour was out of line and somewhat bigoted on my part, for which I apologize to any rural Americans who would be offended by that. I was in a bit of an angry mood when I wrote that post (obviously!), and projected that anger onto a group of people based on some negative experiences in my upbringing, when in actual fact the few times I've had to step in and intervene when a man was beating a woman weren't "Rednecks" at point of fact both times it was individuals who'd be described by most as "Hippies", at least based on their individual appearance. I appreciate and value such feedback, for as I emailed Kieran, how can I pull my own head out of my ass if no one calls me on my own shit? If I'm way out there, let me know!
posted by David
9/24/2002 06:44:00 PM

In Defense of Women

Are you in favor of wife beating? No? I didn't think so. Would you step in and directly intervene if you saw a woman being beaten by a man? If you were larger than her male assailant, perhaps. If you were a smaller male or a (probably) smaller female, you'd hopefully at least call the police.

Do those in a position of strength have a moral obligation to stop violence against the weak? I would argue yes, and I think that just about every moral code conceived by man, no matter their differences, would tend to agree with me.

Except of course for the Sharia, the Islamic Law that sanctions the beating and repression of women. Yes, idiots in America can be found who also declare that their wife beating is "none of your god damn business", but our society tends to strongly disagree with them, hence laws against spousal abuse and the existence of battered women shelters.

We outgrew that phase in our social evolution, and now deeply value the unique contributions that women make economically and otherwise in the US, as eloquently outlined by Ralph Peters.

I categorically reject any arguments based on cultural relativism that it's "just their way", and that it's not our place to do anything about it. A "culture" that treats their women as barbarically as in the Middle East is Evil.

Yes, Evil, and I don't toss that label about lightly. I reserve it for child molesters, those who beat their women or others physically weaker than themselves, murderers and rapists.

And perhaps those who would do nothing in the face of those crimes. We must root out the Sharia wherever it is the "Law" of a nation, as it maintains that it is a man's right to beat his wife at will. It is my opinion that this is the only civilized thing that can be done at this point, as such nations show no inclination to reform themselves in this most fundamental way. Anything less would be morally bankrupt.

We are the stonger man who has come upon a crime in progress, and our inaction only allows and encourages it to continue. The EU is the small, snivelling man who won't even phone the police, which in this world right now, whether we like it or not, is the United States. And the UN is the biggest club full of wife beaters on the planet, so of course we shouldn't expect their approval.

Forget about the oil. Forget about geopolitics. Forget about "stability in the region."

Do it for the women.

posted by David 9/24/2002 12:41:00 AM

Monday, September 23, 2002

Steven DenBeste is at it again. Debunking opponents of America puncturing the festering boil that is the middle east. Here's one of the juicy bits: "Arab frustration and resentment isn't going to go away if we reform our foreign policy, because it is ultimately based not on what we do and not even really on our success, but rather on their failure. And the only thing we can do to make them cease to be failures is to force them to make the reforms which will remove the causes within their society that is making them fail. Altering our foreign policy won't do that."
posted by David
9/23/2002 03:02:00 AM


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