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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Time for a New Party

As Eris S. Raymond has pointed out, the Democratic Party has become of bunch of Deconstructionist Postmodernists. But as it looks like the Demo's are going down the slow ugly slide a party makes as it dies in America, we need something to go in its place.

As my constructive alternative, I offer up my vision of a new party, the 21st Centurians (Ed: That name sucks. Yes, I know, I've since grown fond of the American Unity Party, or AUP) which would restore many of America's founding principles, States Rights and Individual Liberty among them, while adjusting for the changed world of the 21st Century we now live in, where Global Apocalypes and Technological Despotism are the greatest dangers we as a species face.

Initial Platform as follows:

The Federal Govt. is primarily about defense and the protection of liberty, hence:

Whack Iraq hard, pursue Al Queda, North Korea, and all other rogue states with WMD. Define WMD as communicable biologicals, lethal gas, and nukes. Sign Frank Herberts Great Convention with all other declared WMD powers.

Dismantle the DEA, redeploy it in the war on terror (they're still searching for banned agents, just different ones now).

De-list all schedule I-V drugs except PCP, make it the BATFM, tax appropriately, let states choose how 'hard' of I-V drugs have age limit, require scrip, and what tax rate (rec. drugs can subsidize theraputic for the elderly).

Acknowledge abortion a state issue.

Repeal the 17th Amendment.

Flat income tax on citizens, natural and corporate.

Repeal the Sherman Act.

Universal collective bargaining for all workers allowd based on freedom of association outside of the military. Promote guild-type unions for service and information workers.

Let the market and the above unions deal with healthcare.

Ban software patents, make copyright non-transferrable (protects creators rights, it's either work for hire, or its not, period).

Banish all porn to a .xxx domain name ghetto, and ban filtering of anything else online by common carriers,
and protecting owners rights for end user (leaf) networks.

Acknowledge the Individual Rights intent of the Second Amendment, and repeal all Federal Gun Control (Congress shall make NO law...the States can do what they want).

Privatize Space NOW, to ensure our species survives no matter what happens to us on this beautiful Green Planet. Encourage private SSTO ventures, and support private parties property rights to space resources.

Promote greener energy policy with tax moratoriums on plant based fuels, keep the oil for fancy

Green fuels and legal weed will allow removal of most farm subsidies, and make small farmers viable again. Hemp has soooo many industrial uses, its a perfect cash crop. Put in tax moratoriums for industries that convert to green fuels/materials, this way established industrial players will win, too.

Leave the rest of it alone, that's quite enough.

Well, that should just about piss off/please everyone :-)

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posted by David 11/07/2002 11:37:00 PM


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