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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Bloglet Test Post Ignore this, nothing to see here, move along....
posted by David 1/23/2003 02:54:00 AM

Post UN World Order

I just posted the following on the comments to Samizdata on this article about potential post-NATO and post-UN political organizations, and the history thereof:

Uhm, companies from which country illegally helped North Korea with nuclear enrichment technology?


When Uncle Sam was standing nose to nose with The Bear for 45+ years, where was his boot heel?


I agree with Daniel, and the LAST thing the Poles, Czechs and many others (not to mention The French :-) want is ANOTHER resurgent militaristic Germany. It would take them no time at all to 'go nuclear', if they haven't done so illegally and undeclared yet.

I wouldn't put it past the Audi Kranzler for a New York minute.

They didn't ask the German People the last 2 times, did they?

But I'm certain the Poles and Czechs will be MORE than happy to have the Army's Corp V spend their paychecks there after the bulk of them are done with Iraq (and friends?)

The permanent members of the Security Council matter not because of their veto, but from Legal Nukes.

A new, post-UN world order centered around current Nuclear Powers makes more sense to me, with all new rules for membership. I'd make them like this:

If you've got a Nuke now, declare them, Inspectors verify, and you're One of the Boys. Powers that voluntarily relenquished past nuclear weapons tech (South Africa, Brazil, others??) get in as full voting Protectorate members. All Nuclear and Protectorate states agree to strict Nuclear Non-Agression mutally between themselves. All other candidate Protectorate states must be democracies (as confirmed by a vote of current members by a system they determine) Russia and China at least nominally qualify even on non-nuke grounds, see, we're "consistent"! and sufficiently Pro-Trade as to be WTO members.

Anyone nukes a member, the rest of the members retaliate against the offender.

Otherwise, most anything goes (except for LETHAL chem. and COMMUNICABLE bio).

Post-Cold War, Stable MAD.

Frank Herbert envisioned it as a stable future alternative in Dune...called the Great Convention of Man....that's how I'd apply it in our current climate.

Heck, sci-fi invented the satellite, why not a post-Cold War political structure?

posted by David 1/23/2003 02:48:00 AM

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Elections Discussion via BoingBoing I posted the following on BoingBoing's discussion of this over here about Election Reform: Here's the election reform I'm in favor of: First, go a step farther with the House of Representatives, and ban all private money at all. Then repeal the (17th?) amendment, and let state legislatures appoint congress critters, and keep the private money there, where it belongs. The Founders intended to immobilize/partially ammeliorate the nasty effect large money interests buying politicians wholesale on a national level. They'd have to contend amoung the entire host of conflicting interests of local state legislators a state at a time. There are a LOT more politicians in state legislators to buy off than there are media networks to buy off, and this allows them a concentration of power unforseen by the Founders or the Progressives of the 17th Amend. The combination of the 17th Amendment and the popular vote for both the House and Senate with private money for both, makes whoever can afford the most media time the winner. Perversely, this is a failure of both too much (17th Amend.) combined with too little (private money for Reps. w/no caps or level playing field for support of local interests) democracy at the same time that makes an evil brew when combined with modern media, which weren't forseen at the time of the Progressive Movement which passwd the 17th. Amendment. So, in the face of modern communications technology, the original power balance set up by the Founders turned out to be more automatically flexible, and had it been left alone a hundred years ago, all would be fairly well (without the pendulum swing concentration of power due to the 17th. Amendment combinded with media, we now require the additional correction of taking private money out of House elections. I'm gonna post the above on my blog, and link to this discussion from there (I use QuickTopic too .
posted by David 1/22/2003 06:34:00 PM

Islamic Rage...the Good Kind Now this is what we've been waiting for, Aziz! Comments
posted by David 1/22/2003 04:50:00 AM

Human Shields Take that appeasers of the Left!
posted by David 1/22/2003 04:43:00 AM

Sprucing Up, but still Brown Wrapper

Well, we've finally gotten around to adding a BlogRoll, have added subscriptions via Bloglet (for those who prefer to receive their content via email), and are using QuickTopic for comments.

But the look is still deliberately unadorned.

See the title. **grin**

posted by David 1/22/2003 04:37:00 AM


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