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Thursday, February 06, 2003

What I think about the Shuttle....
Well, I previously have said much of what I think we should do about Space here.

Offer tax moratorium incentives to private space ventures, and maybe even prizes as Jerry Pournelle and others have suggested, and not just for "first place".

Jerry's been beating the drum on privatizing space for decades longer than I have, and I agree with nearly everything he has to say about it.
He has been involved in aerospace for years, and had the ear of Reagan, but alas, not the Bushes. He's thought long and hard about the issues involved in getting us off of this beautiful, fragile Green Planet of the Clocks. Cheap access to space, on an order of magnitude cheaper than comes from any govt. "space program", but only from private business, is what its going to take.
posted by David 2/06/2003 12:56:00 AM


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