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Monday, February 17, 2003

Defenders of Humanity This piece literally moved me to tears. The people of the Old World have not changed, and I do not just mean Eurpoe, Africa and Asia are as brutal as ever. We do not see things as others do, it truly is a New World here, and I fear that we may finally be on the brink of a war to impose Peace, and not the lukewarm hegemony so many decry as an American Empire. It now appears to be that, or a slide into technocratic despotism the likes of which is being built in (God save us) Britain, the EU and elsewhere. The American Left knew not what it asked for when chanting for years to "Do It For The Children". Who else has defended both Muslims and Jews? From Christians and each other? Who? Who defended Chinese Communists from Imperial Japan? And now Japan from N. Korea and China? And Muslims from Russians, and Russians from Germans? Must we be forever the Defenders of Humanity? We have erred, we have supported many crimes in the Cold War, and our never ending, brutal self examination has finally caught up with us. Washington called us the friends of liberty everywhere, but defenders only of our own. It appears that now that the world has been made one through our technology, that we may no longer draw that boundary. May the Republic rest in peace, she has been dying a slow death throughout the 20th Century. One cannot enforce happiness, that is the path our enemies take, and it fails now as it ever has. But by the will of the Senate and the People of the United States, God willing, we can enforce Liberty. May we not shirk from or fail at that task. (Link via Occam's Toothbrush) Comments
posted by David 2/17/2003 03:30:00 AM


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