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Monday, March 10, 2003

Many Rants

I tend to write more easily when posting comments on others' blogs, and then often end up editing and posting here (with a link, of course!)

Tonight's been very productive on that count, with tirades on Torture, Corporate Scandals, Weird Religion, and other topics.

Watch This Space, these and other rants coming soon!

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posted by David 3/10/2003 11:45:00 PM

If there actually happen to be any readers out there

posted by David 3/10/2003 09:59:00 PM

Did the Cold War really end?

Or are we just entering the next phase of the struggle between Liberty and Despotism?

After reading this letter from Soviet dissidents, I'm of a mind to wonder if the Cold War really ended, or if it just turned a corner?

At the end of my previous post today regarding Africa and the SC, I posited "It's us or the EU, China and Russia."

And the proposed new EU Constitution is beyond the pale of socialism, and would structurally permit a totalitarian state with little to no protection of actually important freedoms, such as of the press.

Hmmm, totalitarian states in Russia, China AND the it's NAFTA or The Reds, makes it a little bit clearer when put like that, no?

The KGB back in power in Russia and anti-democratic Socialist bureaucrats in Brussels on top in the EU.

I count it as a bright spot that Capitalists can now join the Communist Party in China.

So I guess in the never-ending boxing match of geopolitics, yes, we won the last round, and the next one started 9/11, and we're just now getting to see who's on the card for this one.
posted by David 3/10/2003 09:53:00 PM

Powell, Africa and the SC

Hmmmm, what's going on HERE:

Meantime, Powell met with Guinea’s foreign minister, Francois Fall.
The diplomatic niceties of that encounter alone illustrated what’s at stake for Washington in the current debate. NBC’s Betsy Steuart reported that Powell came out and greeted Fall before accompanying him into the building, a courtesy that he normally extends to heads of state ? in other words, only to officials who outrank him.

Maybe a little Black Power behind closed doors?

After all, American Blacks were sold into slavery by black africans and ARABS.

And now Black Americans are back holding ALL the cards. I think it plays well to tribal instincts in Africa to have their foreign minister shown public respect by the Administration, and it being by a Black American.

What other great power has Africans daily walking it's halls of power (and by that I don't mean the UN)?

Mr. Powell and Ms. Rice took Dr. King at his word, and show by their performance in this Administration that Africans CAN succeed on the world stage.

The French offer only more oppression to Africa, with their truly unilateral military presense and actions.

I think Powell and Rice might be saying to African SC members, "It's us, the EU, the Russians or the Chinese, take your pick; and by the way, who looks more like you? Me or them?"

posted by David 3/10/2003 12:33:00 PM


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