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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Wolf Showing It's Teeth
Ok folks, since everyone and their brother has been weighing in on Israel and the Palestineans, the "road map" and all else, I thought I'd toss in my 2 cents.

However many WMD Iraq had pre-invasion, you can bet your sweet ass that the US has tactical nukes in theatre, as they did in Gulf War I, and threatened to use them if chemical or bio attacks were launched at Israel.

Yes bucky tactical nukes are considered 'useable': they were designed to wipe out Soviet tank columns should Germany be invaded, so as to hit tank troops with lethal, but fast fading (days to weeks for almost ALL of it) radiation, hence overcoming Soviet numerical superiority and leaving densly populated German towns right next door unharmed.

The US, and it is believed Israel, retain most if not all of the remaining neutron bomb tactical weapons. Reagan wouldn't give them ALL up.

Let Yassir chew on THAT. Oh and the Dear Leader in Korea can go suck on it too and put as many troops as he'd want on the DMZ: American troops there are moving back, nuf said. Hey Kim, thanks for playing.

That's the trump card, and Bush likes high stakes Texas poker.

As someone said, look at a map, because Sharon surely has.

And the largest concentration of military power on the planet is right snug up against Jordan and Syria..

And Bush has proved he's not afraid to use it.

He and Sharon can afford to make nice and smile.

That's the wolf showing it's teeth.


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posted by David 6/11/2003 10:19:00 PM


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